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Our Brands

Innovating Digital Destinations That Educate and Empower

At 21st View, our family of digital brands represent our relentless passion for leveraging technology to inform, inspire and uplift global audiences. Through excellence in digital storytelling and user experience, we build thriving communities united by shared interests – whether in technology, lifestyle or personal growth.

Discover Our Brands

From the latest device reviews to life hacks, career advice to culinary cultures – our brands deliver premium, high-value content that matters. Learn more about our brands catering to diverse niches below.

TechyChemist: Where Science Meets Technology

Led by a team of science communicators, TechyChemist brings complex concepts from chemistry, biotechnology, engineering and related domains out of academic silos – synthesizing need-to-know insights for modern professionals, students, and knowledge-thirsty audiences.

We live in an age where scientific breakthroughs rapidly transform into emerging tech trends and even consumer products. New lab techniques uncover mysteries of medicine, quantum computing turns sci-fi into reality, and engineers mimic nature’s designs to solve real-world problems. How well do we truly understand these developments? How can we apply this knowledge to stay ahead?

TechyChemist serves as an accessible yet insightful industry insider – a trusted guide at the exciting intersection of science and technology.

What You’ll Find:

  • Complex Concepts, Simplified: Concise and visually engaging explainers to demystify everything from nanotechnology to CRISPR gene editing, blockchain to biohacking.
  • Latest Discoveries and Innovations: Breaking research briefs, interviews with innovators, profiles of game-changing products – from reactive chemicals to revolutionary chips.
  • Trend Reports and Analysis: Relevant analysis placing discoveries under the microscope. Expert perspectives on the promise and limitations of emerging science, and its potential real-world impact.
  • Career Spotlights: Wisdom and advice from women pushing frontiers in STEM – engineers, chemists, biotechnologists and more serving as much-needed role models.
  • Interactive Learning: Quizzes to test knowledge, lab simulation activities, graphics and videos – promoting deeper public understanding while keeping things lively!

With science and tech innovations unfolding at breakneck speed, TechyChemist helps audiences stay informed, gain insights they can apply to their own work, and engage actively with these fascinating realms rather than passively skim jargon-laden papers or news bytes. We render complex concepts engaging for modern learners – inspiring scientific curiosity while harnessing knowledge for societal good.

The Chip Blog: Decoding Silicon and Accelerating Tech Literacy

The Chip Blog lives at the bleeding edge of semiconductor news – delivering clarity amidst the endless chaos of microprocessor releases, hardware innovations and complex benchmark comparisons.

Our veteran tech journalists decode silicon advances powering computers to smartphones for consumer and professional audiences – students, gamers, IT managers and more. Backed by industry connections and testing labs, The Chip Blog provides trusted guidance to navigate this ever-evolving space.

What You’ll Find:

  • Microprocessor News and Reviews: Latest on Intel, AMD and Nvidia chip launches – unpacking specs and architecture for CPUs and GPUs powering everything from data centers to handheld devices.
  • Benchmark Performance Analysis: Expert testing and comparisons across chipsets, components and systems – from Apple M2 chips beating Intel mobile offerings to Nvidia RTX graphic cards pushing gaming laptop performance. Unbiased, numbers-backed analysis.
  • Developer Tutorials and Explainers: Tapping silicon’s full potential requires software optimization. We offer guidance for developers on leveraging new hardware capabilities – instruction sets, libraries, APIs and more – to build cutting edge apps.
  • Business Briefs & Startup Watch: Funding news, IPO buzz, startup profiles and M&A activity across the semiconductor space – spotlighting innovative post-silicon and system-on-chip companies with strong synergies.
  • Emerging Hardware Trends: The next battlefield for chipmakers lies in AI acceleration, quantum and neuromorphic computing. We decode complex capabilities like tensor processing for machine learning, unpacking real-world impact.

In an industry often plagued with hype and marketing noise, The Chip Blog remains a trusted industry insider – equipping audiences with tech literacy to objectively assess new silicon capabilities and fully harness its power across personal and professional application domains.

LifeFoodIce: Fusing Food with Culture

LifeFoodIce infuses culinary journeys with the vibrant diversity of human culture – demystifying unique ingredients, flavors and traditions found in kitchens worldwide for the armchair traveler or foodie ready to experiment global recipes at home.

We believe few things connect us more profoundly as people than shared meals which sustain our bodies while feeding our souls. Food provides a window into the lived heritage of humanity – stories of grit and growth tied to land and community.

LifeFoodIce celebrates these diverse food histories while drawing universal lessons that unite us at the table – creativity borne of scarcity and abundance, resourcefulness transforming limitations into signature dishes, time-honored techniques elevated as art.

What You’ll Find:

  • Ingredient Spotlights: Origins and culinary application of produce from purslane to pandan – global staples and hyperlocal delicacies alike. Reawaken curiosity and flavor palettes jaded by mass retail food complexities of modern life.
  • Cuisine Deep Dives: Exploration of entire culinary cultures from Japan to Jamaica, Slovenia to Sri Lanka – peeking into kitchens and markets for a view no travel show or mainstream magazine can match.
  • Ancient Flavors to Hybrid Hits: Tracing the resilient history of dishes over centuries and civilizations – regional curries to modern fusions. How food retains continuity yet constantly evolves as peoples migrate across geographies carrying seeds of culture.
  • Nourishing Practices: Holistic wellness practices and cultural wisdom around food across civilizations that still offer much for modern healthy, sustainable living. Celebrating local and indigenous food knowledge and biodiversity.
  • Recipes and Tutorials: Gourmet recipes and cooking tutorials adapted for modern kitchens across a vast range of global cuisines – often with a healthy twist. Bring hard-to-find flavors and ingredients home.

GirlsGist: Embracing All Things Woman

Led primarily by our pioneering team of female content creators, editors and digital strategists, GirlGist tackles every topic imaginable from the female gaze – spanning lifestyle hacks, career advice, wellness wisdom, pop culture commentary and more through a lens of inclusion.

We celebrate the diversity of womanhood in all its shades and shapes – busting myths and embracing shared experiences across identities, generations and walks of life.

While highlighting role models and giving voice to struggles, we focus less on problems and more on shared solutions. Our mission? Use digital media’s power to inform, empower and uplift women worldwide.

What You’ll Find:

  • Career Spotlights: Advice and inspiration from women breaking glass ceilings as leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives – paths less travelled with insights to elevate work, leadership and entrepreneurship for all women.
  • Life Hacks + Wellness Wisdom: Everything from decor tips to mental health advice, dating in the digital age to developing healthy money mindsets and beyond – everyday insights tailored for women, from women.
  • Beauty, Fashion + Culture Commentary: Decoding trends, highlighting sustainable brands and embracing body positivity while dissecting pop culture – whether books, movies or music – through the female lens. Providing relatable role models real women can see themselves in.
  • Changemakers + Underrepresented Voices: Courageous stories of triumph from women pushing social change against all odds – whether by advancing rights or breaking barriers through grit and grace even in 2022. Amplifying voices ignored by mainstream.

GirlsGist fosters truly inclusive, non-judgmental and positive spaces that inform, validate experiences, make women laugh, help them cry yet emerge stronger. We tackle taboos ranging from miscarriages to menstruation shedding light on shared yet often silenced struggles – promoting healing conversation rather than isolation women generations grappled with privately.

Amplifying Diverse Voices

While uniquely catering to diverse niches, all 21st View brands retain our DNA of leveraging digital innovation for societal good – promoting inclusion, empowerment and positive transformation aligned with ethical values and social conscience we consider paramount.

We inform audiences worldwide through excellence in user-centric content strategies and human-centered design. But more importantly, we intend to uplift and unite communities around shared growth.

Stay tuned as our brand portfolio diversifies further, entering new verticals that educate minds, stir hearts, celebrate diversity and champion progress by harnessing the power of digital for good. Want to explore advertising, distribution partnerships or collaboration opportunities? Let’s connect!

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